Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Microsoft has confirmed that the Your Phone app will provide an enhanced calling experience with the new Windows 11 build 22533, which is now available on the market. This update brings you the best calling experience as well as improvements in the design, interface, fonts, etc.

The update to the Your Phone app is available for Windows Insider Preview members who have installed the latest update of the Windows 11 operating system. And it is unclear when the update will roll out for non-insider Windows 11 users. The overall design of Your Phone App will look like the Windows 11 interface, which is compatible with the updated Windows.

The features will be the same as before. Android users can use the Your Phone app to access messages, notifications, apps, photos, calls and more from their PC. The app also works on some Samsung phones to view and respond to calls, messages, and photos synced from your PC.

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By Manish