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Eye Care

Our eyes are the most sensitive body parts and that needs more care and attention, there are many reasons that can affect our eyes easily, however most of the problems can be prevented with simple eye care routines, care for your eyes are essential to keep your eyes healthy for long, and to make your vision strong, moreover it is essential to prevent eye loss, health of eye involves all over your body health, if you are facing eye disease clearly your body get disturbed and feel unhealthy, so there is no doubt about the importance of eye care, there are a lot of reasons for eye conditions, some of the diseases may related with internal health disorders like diabetic, genetic and age related factors or exposure of irritants and other harmful substances, or we can call them external factors, and most of the disease can react with symptoms of spots, dryness, blurred vision, visual weakness and sometimes it can include headache and many more symptoms, so it will be wise action to follow-up your eye health otherwise you will face a serious eye defects gradually, basically you may experience dryness, itchiness, eyelids or irritations and discomforts and so on minor eye conditions, hence with home remedies like salt water, and eye drops can get relive and cure, in the other hand eye conditions might be severe and it may medical treatment, for instance, glaucoma, astigmatism, cataract, corneal Abrasion, retinal detachment, diabetic retinopathy, night blindness, lazy eye and so on eye difficulties should be treated under medical support. 

To care for your eyes properly it is important to understand clearly the common eye injuries and the causes, as we indicates on the top paragraph we can categorize the factors in to two groups as internal health factors and external harms, when we talk about internal health disorders that causes damage to eyes, blood pressure can be the main mentioned cause for eye damage, blood pressure affect vessels in retina and damage the light, at the same line diabetes, liver disease, also genetics play a role on eye defects, some of them are diabetic retinopathy, blurry vision, cloudiness and week sight are the eye diseases that comes from the mentioned internal health factors, to manage such health disorders in the first place it is important to get medical treatment and take prescribed medicines, in addition having healthy nutrition, exercise, can let down your internal health crisis, in other words this measures help to prevent and cure eye diseases caused by the mentioned health factors. 

Aging is the other reason for eye disease known as cataracts; naturally we develop losing proteins in the lens and experiencing cataracts, this may require surgery and replacing the cloudy lens of your eyes. 

Eyes also faced glaucoma when your optical nerves injured, as we all know glaucoma is the serious eye disease that can lead to lose of lights, the cause can be diabetes, genetics and other health factors can damage the back side of your eye nerve,  glaucoma can be controlled by early treatments and prescribed eye drops by ophthalmologist. 

Eyes also attacked by weak vision due to amblyopia, this vision weakness is a kind of blurred vision of images which is sent to brain and the mind unrecognized the image sent, for amblyopia there is no clear reason, different kind of eye harms can contribute to experience the disease, mainly it occur in childhood, ophthalmologist treated this disease by prescribing eye glasses which can support the weak vision and effective eye drops which is helpful to clear the vision. 

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Eye Health

Eye health also affected by external risks like

  • Rubbing eyes, habitually we touch our eyes frequently but our hands are exposed to dirt, and bacteria which can be a high risk to infections and irritations 
  • Shortage of nutrients and vitamins, allergy for substances or climate  
  • Devises, TV and computer screens also affect our eyes if we can’t control the light which reflects from the devises 
  • Ultra valuate sunlight, dust, chemical and harmful exposures and so on can affect our eyes highly 

However we can take some important measures to care our eyes health, eye health is fundamental for the entire of our body so we need to be pay attention as much as possible. 

To do a proper care for your eye, it is important to start by medical checking and know your eyes status, it is also helpful to get advice from the ophthalmologist; they can do the appropriate examination and prescribes the necessary medicine or glass for your eyes, in addition limiting your screens usage can protect your eyes from weakness, when you focusing for long time on the screens you may notice headaches, cloudy vision, tearing and red eyes in addition your eyes nerves become stretched and leads you to eye damage there for it is essential point to limit your stay on the screens, or keep your distance as possible. 

Wearing protection glasses in every activity and when you out on sunlight days also very recommended on caring eyes practice, glasses are designed to protect eyes from excessive UV and screen lights, because glasses are made up of Molybdenum electrode bars, this substance increase the glasses efficiency, reliability, and overall quality, therefore using glasses when having contacts with screens and sunlight is very important measure to protect your eye healthy, glass protection is not only important for light influences, glasses are a good protectors from dust, particles and harmful radiations, so wearing a glass is effective eye caring method.  

Adjust your nutrient consumption is also important for your eyes health, as we described on the top paragraph some internal health disorders are related with your food consumption and that have a big influence on your eye health, eating healthy diets regulate your blood pressure, diabetes and other kind of health crises which can have direct involvement on eyes health, contain on your meal vitamin A diets to get brighten vision, having rich foods with vitamin E, C also helpful to clear sights in addition omega3 play a great role to maintain your eye health. 

The other important measure that should be emphasized is sleeping properly, quality sleep is very important for overall health including your eyes, our eyes are active throughout the day and they need to refill energy for the next day sleeping plays the main role for this process, in addition in days activity eyes are exposed to dust and debris, sleeping is functional to remove the accumulated dirt and allow your eyes to produce healthy moisture and protect your eyes form dryness and redness. 

In general eye care is an important part of your health and that is at your hand can be done easily, therefore we emphasize and encourage you to pay attention for your eye health.                 

By Manish